About us

White King ProteasPetals ~ the beautiful and colourful parts of the flower which attracts our senses as well as those of insect and bird-life , wildlife and not-so-wildlife alike !

Bracts ~ the colourful and beautiful parts on blooms such as those of the Protea Family , (Protea , Leucospermums and Leucadendrons ) . These involucral bracts are a true fascination , their initiation, their development , and their function have intrigued us for a very long time . They are , in a real way , the leaves of the plant which initiate a colour change and simultaneously bring the plant brings about a pleasing ‘floral shape’ in which many separate flowers are contained in this Composite “Flower “.

As a play on this theme the Petals name originated in 1998 when a couple who are passionate about Proteas and fynbos in general , decided to start a small commercial flower cultivation operation with the emphasis on Protection and reproduction of Proteaceae and other fynbos varieties .

Soon the actual flower production began to take on less priority than the Propagation and germination functions of a wide range of proteacaea became our main focus .This resulted in the ‘birth ‘of Petals Fynbos Nursery in 2000 .

Protea Flowers at the Wild Oats MarketWe have been situated on the same property where life began for this enterprise some 15 years ago and have expanded our range of products so that we currently produce rooted cuttings from plant material of approximately 20 different Proteas , perhaps a dozen different Pincushions ( Leucospermums) and a further 30 or more Cone Bush ( Leucadendron ) varieties . Certain, limited varieties, are also propagated from seed.

Our main focus has been to supply Farmers with new varieties of Proteaceae which are commercially grown for the fresh cut flower market but also to supply rooted cuttings to those farmers who are expanding / extending their orchards of existing varieties.

In addition to this function we have grown and planted all of these varieties in larger bags or pots for supply to Local Nurseries, Wholesale Nurseries , Developers , Landscape Contractors and the Public.

As we are situated in the beautiful Wolweriver Valley between Wilderness and Sedgefield we are also fortunate to sell and display our products every Saturday morning at the Internationally acclaimed Wild Oats Farmers’ Market where we have been active for approximately 760 market days!

We provide comprehensive information regarding the planting, growing and pruning of protea plants to our loyal clients and visitors. Our aim is to popularize the growing of the protea family of plants as widely as possible and we offer free advice and guidance in this regard. From experience at the Wild Oats Market it has become clear that an educational approach is sorely needed as there are still many misconceptions about this range of our National Flower family!